Gustave Mund

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Gustave Mund was the only son of Boris and Agatha Mund, a less known family of traveling entertainers from the city of Rechtlich. Gustave was meant to be the fourth generation in the Mund family. The Mund family was always on the road. From those days, Gustave remembers that his father had the dreamed to reach Altdorf and earn enough money to settle down back in their home city. You get ten points by guessing that Gustave had his origins working together with his parents.

One day, a den of cultists was exposed in Autler by a gallant veil and jewelry errant trader passing through. The Mund family had stopped and acted through several inns in the city. The interrogation of one of these cultists implicated that Gustave’s father had sold the destiny of his son in exchange for the favor of the dark deities and Agatha was a follower of obscene deities. The moob, directed by the Trader, promptly hanged Gustave’s parents, taking the cultist curiously at his word, and granting him a reduced sentence of 5 lashings over 5 days in exchange for his declared repentance.

Gustave’s name was cast into shame, and his prospects seemed grim. However, he’d been so overwhelmed with awe at the righteousness of the knight who’d tried his father, he could not get his mind off of it. At the age of 15, seeking to escape the torment of his Parents’s corruption, he took a new name (Dorotik was the name of a childhood friend) and wandered through the city, performing odd jobs for food, until he met Urkullu Mangus, a not so honest vagabond at the city outer gates. Dorotik was so impressed by the self-consciousness of Urkullu that he pleaded to accompany him on his trips. Urkullu could impress very well the peasants (and if this is a 15 year old traumatized boy, follow the chain of dominos falling). As Dorotik grew, the two talked at length about how his father had deceived Dorotik, managed to maintain the façade of a caring, well-intentioned family man.

One day, Urkullu sat him down to have a word with him. He had found information on the Trader who had tried Dorotik’s father. That knight was now on trial for heresy, and wrongful imprisonment and punishment of innocent civilians, while in the employ of cultists! Dorotik, blinded by rage, attacked his master in disbelief, who swatted him to the floor with ease. They spent the day talking through it, and his master managed to convince him that his father had been a good man all along; it was the knight who’d been corrupt.

Dorotik testified, and in reliving his childhood shame, remembered key events and details that shocked the court and sealed the heretic’s fate. When it was all over, Dorotik took his leave of his wise master, explaining that he he needed to travel and tell his story, to warn against the folly that he and his neighbors had befallen.

PS: The Trader escaped his fate, but this is something to be found later on.

Gustave Mund

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